Coming Soon: A Demonstration Site of Ohio Native Landscapes and Wildlife Habitat near Akron / Canton.

Seeing is Believing.

100+ Species of Ohio Region/Eastern U.S. native plants and wildflowers. 

Swallowtail Native Plants of Ohio is an enterprise focusing on helping others discover the marvels of native plants and wildlife. Our Ohio native plant landscapes and wildlife habitat is located near Louisville, Ohio in the Akron / Canton area. Phase III of this ongoing development is now completed. 

Sunny Meadows (below) is just one of many views on the Swallowtail project.

Sunny Meadow @Swallowtail Native Plants. This was planted in 2015 with a mix of Ohio-grown native seeds. This picture is year three when the meadow was being fully established. With a little attention, this will last for decades.

Our grand opening is in June 2020.

Girl Scouts from Lorain Ohio

Garden Club of Carrollton Ohio

Dave, Jr. in the vegetable garden with asparagus ferns in the background.

14-yr-old Andrew and Dave planting a rough-leaf dogwood (2014)

Installing the outdoor nursery.

This is a new venture by Dave (that’s me) and Ann Augenstein. We have lived in our home built in 1854, outside Louisville, Ohio, since 2007. (I am a 40-year veteran environmental engineering specialist and consultant who has lived in all four corners and the center of Ohio). Our place is small enough (2.5 acres) where visitors can see all types of micro-ecosystems with over 100 Ohio native plant species (and probably as many critters) in less than an hour while hiking only 1000 feet. This makes it ideal for children of all ages, seniors, and the disabled to have a pleasurable and fascinating visit.

There is more to be written later, of course, about what you will see and the fun things to do. But you will need to subscribe to my blog and join our Facebook group, to stay up to date with our progress. In the meantime, pencil us in on our calendar in the spring, summer, and fall to visit us at Swallowtail! [Of course, you will be left out of getting monthly updates unless you subscribe.] — Dave Augenstein.

One cool feature of our website: when you hover over the blue italics, additional information about the plants is given by Wikipedia. Check it out: Fritillary butterfly Speyeria atlantison a Butterfly Weed and White Snakeroot (Ageratina altissima)

We have an active Ohio Facebook page you can join, as well as one for Stark and surrounding counties (Akron / Canton region) We also have a Facebook group for Stark/Summit County, Ohio (Akron / Canton area). 

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Louisville Ohio Garden Club was one of the first group tours when the development began in 2015.

Dave with a high school worker planting what was supposed to be a nursery for small plants and trees. It has been overtaken by a red osier, cup plants, milkweeds, and a viburnum bush.

Here are two photo shots (click to see full detail): On the left is a fritillary butterfly Speyeria atlantis on a Butterfly Weed and on the right White Snakeroot (Ageratina altissima) under an 80-foot high spruce tree.

This is a fritillary butterfly on a butterfly milkweed weed. This 2-yr old “weed” is now 3-feet high and wide and needs no attention or watering. Milkweeds are the only plant that monarchs will lay their eggs upon.

Unusual looking plants spring up all the time. Let them grow out and bloom. It might be treasured like our White Snakeroot under an 80-yr spruce tree. This is free entertainment.

Every season there are spectacular views of ever-changing colors, shapes, and textures. Here is a view of trees in October.


Swallowtail Native Plants of Ohio is a project of the Foundations for Health Education


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