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12 Training and Auditing Modules on Shop Environmental and Safety

Technician training includes a 4-page print out to pass around and a one page quiz. Total train time is estimated at 60-90 minutes for the facility manager (including the self-audit) and 20-30 minutes for technicians for each module. The page self-audit checklist has a dual purpose:  it can be part of the facility managers training as well as the facility audit.  Audits are set up to be done throughout the year in segments in conjunction with the monthly training topic. Corrective actions should be taken prior to technician training for the specific topic. Training and auditing intervals can be as desired such as one per month (for completion in one year) or one per week (for completion in three months).

Without periodic training and auditing, you really don’t have much of an EHS compliance and management program.

If you are interested in AESE-hosted computer-based testing and/or iPad, iPhone, Android or laptop/desktop PC comprehensive shop audit/inspection/testing applications, call us at 330-875-1208.

Demo Module 2. Shop Hazard Communications (Employee Right to Know)

DVD: Employee Right to Know for Automotive ServiceManager Training
Step 1– Read Tech Material

Step 2– Print and take Tech Test.

Step 3–Review Main Haz Com Section and watch video below.

Step 4 –Complete Haz Com Audit Checklist .

(A fill-in-the blank Haz  Com written plan (required) is here.)

Sample old MSDS and new SDS to be added HERE.

Sample old hazard symbols and new symbols to be added HERE.

Additional Training Tools: See full-length preview Haz Com video:  Runtime: 14 Min. onlinepreview.gif  The DVD: Employee Right to Know for Automotive Service can be purchased here and includes additional Haz Com materials.

The complete technician training workbooks and Compliance Audit System covering 26 topics in paper book, non-editable PDF or modifiable Word.doc formats can also be purchased in the iShop.

Provide for Technician Training:
Step 1– Give out Tech Material (4 pages; suggested– print one copy to pass around)
Step 2– In group meeting on the shop floor, discuss Haz Com, show examples of materials, labeling and Safety Data Sheets and answer questions. (Optional but optimal–run a short HazCom training video/DVD)
Step 3– Administer Tech Test (one page– print for each person)
Step 4–File all documentation in EHS files under EHS Training folder.

Give refresher training each year or every two years (required by OSHA) and during new employee orientation.




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