Category: Simple Salvation

Salvation is the simplicity of changing one’s mind (repentance) and making the decision to accept the Lord Jesus Christ by believing he is Lord of all and that Father God raised him from the dead. In context, this type of repentance is “the change of mind”, by biblical definition, not necessarily a “change in behavior” (although some behavioral changes are likely to occur).

There will be some who will mock the term “simple salvation”, saying this is a dangerous false doctrine promoted by antichrists and Satan himself. Most will say salvation is by grace, but we must also perform good works . . . as if Jesus’ sacrifice is not good enough and we must save ourselves by works. On the other hand, we do good works because we are saved by grace. This is a great motivator.

Salvation by “grace plus works” will cause hundreds of questions, contradict hundreds of scriptures, haunt you for a lifetime and create a very complex of confusion. The Devil is the author of confusion.

The facts are nothing could be easier than receiving the free gift of holy spirit and eternal through God’s grace and mercy. Truth is simple and easy to understand.

This section of Believer’s Trumpet is devoted to aspects of salvation in furtherance of the faith of seasoned believers but also unbelievers and beginners new to the family of God.

The Permanence of Salvation

This 10-minute video is from John W. Schoenheit of Spirit & Truth Fellowship International. John is a biblical research man of the highest order. We share very similar backgrounds in biblical research and teaching.  He is easy to understand, his…